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What To Expect When You Get Braces – By Top Rated Purchase NY Orthodontist

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If you’ve decided to get braces, congratulations! You’re one step closer to having straight pearly whites. To make the most of your experience and ensure that your teeth stay healthy, there are some basic rules to follow and things you can expect. Some of these things can be a bit difficult and sometimes uncomfortable, but the main focus of braces is on solutions and getting your smile to look its absolute best.


No matter what kind of braces you go with, they will have to be adjusted. Even if you opt for Invisalign®, you’ll have to switch to a new clear aligner every few weeks, depending on your doctor’s recommendations.

Because braces slowly move the teeth to straighter positions, there will be some pressure. Some people find this more uncomfortable than others, but the good news is that the pressure tends to be less severe over time and only lasts 2-4 days at a time.

Just remember: you’re beginning a journey toward a beautiful, straight smile. The better you take care of your teeth while you have braces on, the healthier they’ll be when you get them taken off!


If you have metal braces, you may experience some sores in your mouth, especially at first. Be patient – your mouth and gums aren’t used to the brackets on your teeth, so allow for a period of adjustment.

If you do happen to get a sore in your mouth, you can use orthodontic wax to cover the part of your braces that caused it and protect the inside of your mouth. Unless something out of the ordinary happens, the sores should go away after your mouth gets used to the braces.

Orthodontic wax can help alleviate any discomfort from a sore, so use it to get you through the initial rough patches. Your New York orthodontist will give this to you at your appointment.

Food Limitations

Your New York orthodontist will give you a list of food you should avoid and other foods to be careful with. This food limitation is more difficult for some people than others, too, but think of it as something to look forward to when you get your braces off.

Some examples of foods to avoid with braces are:

  • Hard candy
  • Popcorn
  • Chewy, sticky candy
  • Chunky peanut butter
  • Nuts
  • Caramel
  • Gooey chocolate bars

There are also foods you should use caution with, such as corn on the cob and apples. It’s best to cut the corn off of the cob and eat it with a fork and apples can be cut into slices before you eat them.

As a rule, you should also keep soda and sugary drinks to a bare minimum as these cause tooth decay.  If you choose these, it’s best to rinse afterward with water. Water is always best choice for a healthy beverage.

Brushing Your Teeth with Braces

Depending on which type of braces you have, your New York orthodontist will go over the best ways to brush and floss your teeth to avoid decay and decalcification around the brackets. With Invisalign®, brushing and flossing is the same as done before your treatment started.

You definitely don’t want to skip out on brushing or flossing with braces, as tooth decay can become a real problem.

If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to get on with the process, please give us a call!

We offer a complimentary smile analysis to go over all of your options in braces, SureSmile® technology to speed up the process by up to 35%, and a satisfaction guarantee. Call us today to see if we’re the right fit for your journey to a perfect smile: 914.200.1569.

Schechtman Orthodontics of Jefferson Valley NY and Purchase NY are the only orthodontic practices in Westchester and Putnam counties in New York (NY) that utilize SureSmile® technology. SureSmile® technology speeds up the braces process by as much as 35%, and provides the most precise treatment. We are also an Invisalign® provider and we offer our patients other alternatives to traditional braces. With many types of braces to choice from, we’re sure there is one that’s right for you.

Schechtman Orthodontics currently offers a complimentary Schechtman Smile Analysis. Schechtman Orthodontics is Westchester county and Putnam county’s top rated orthodontist for transforming smiles for over 25 years.

Financial considerations should not be an obstacle to obtaining your best smile with braces. We offer affordable payment plans with low monthly installments.

Book your free, no obligation Schechtman Smile Analysis today and start smiling with confidence!


At Schechtman Orthodontics, we want to ensure you are confident with your decision for not only your choice in orthodontic treatment, but also for the orthodontics office in New York you choose to start your braces and orthodontic treatment. To ensure you are completely confident in your decision, we offer a few no-obligation, no-pressure ways to get started!

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