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Press Release: The Great Big Gift Back

Upper Westchester and Putnam Counties Schools and Nonprofits Eligible for Funds WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NEW YORK – January 9, 2017 – To kick-off the new year and to celebrate the 27th Anniversary of Schechtman Orthodontics, Dr. Richard Schechtman (, one of Westchester’s leading orthodontists, announces that The Great Big Gift Back is back for a second […]

Learn How Most Orthodontists In Westchester, New York Are Wasting Your Time

Did you know that most orthodontists are wasting your time? Lost time is never found again. -Benjamin Franklin.

It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time. -Steve Jobs.

Orthodontists have been straightening teeth the same way for around 100 years: Braces are fixed to the teeth, and wires are used […]

Oral Hygiene with Braces By Westchester NY’s Top Rated Orthodontist

Oral Hygiene with Braces Continued By Dr. Richard Schectman Westchester, NY’s Top Rated Orthodontist Flossing is a habit that only about 50% of Americans incorporate into their daily routines, while the other 50% don’t think of it as a priority. Unfortunately, most people don’t know the extent to which oral health is important, much less […]

Oral Hygiene And How To Brush With Braces By Top Rated New York Orthodontist

ORAL HYGIENE & HOW TO BRUSH WITH BRACES BY DR. RICHARD SCHECHTMAN Top Rated New York Orthodontist Obviously oral hygiene is important whether you have braces or not. But there’s a powerful combination of practices that you can learn through having braces that couples excellent oral hygiene with food that isn’t likely to encourage cavities. […]

Foods To Eat And Foods To Avoid With Braces By Top Rated Jefferson Valley, NY Orthodontist

Foods To Eat & Foods To Avoid With Braces By Dr. Richard Schechtman Top Rated Jefferson Valley, NY Orthodontist The days of large, old-fashioned braces are long gone, and the food restrictions aren’t nearly as strict anymore, either. However, there are still food restrictions for people who have braces, so following your New York orthodontist’s rules […]

How To Deal With Common Issues With Braces By Top Rated Westchester County NY Orthodontist

BRACES – HOW TO DEAL WITH COMMON ISSUES By Top Rated Westchester County NY Orthodontist There are some common issues with braces that may seem discouraging for you and the progress you’re making; however, think of it as something different to experience as opposed to something bad. The ultimate goal is to straighten your teeth […]

What To Expect When You Get Braces – By Top Rated Purchase NY Orthodontist

WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU GET BRACES BY RICHARD L. SCHECHTMAN Purchase NY’s Favorite Family Orthodontist If you’ve decided to get braces, congratulations! You’re one step closer to having straight pearly whites. To make the most of your experience and ensure that your teeth stay healthy, there are some basic rules to follow and things you can […]

Best Practices for Braces By Jefferson Valley NY Orthodontist

BEST PRACTICES FOR BRACES BY RICHARD L. SCHECHTMAN Jefferson Valley NY’s Favorite Family Orthodontist No matter what your orthodontic journey looks like, there are some things that don’t change no matter what kind of treatment option for braces you go with. It’s important to know what you’re “getting yourself into,” so here are a few […]

Types of Invisible Braces By Purchase NY Orthodontist

TYPES OF INVISIBLE BRACES BY RICHARD L. SCHECHTMAN Purchase NY’s Favorite Family Orthodontist Yes, you read that correctly – invisible braces! Even more invisible than the ceramic and sapphire braces, which is intriguing to many people. If you have concerns about your appearance or absolutely can’t alter the way you look because your appearance plays […]

Ceramic Braces – Available at Schechtman Orthodontics in Jefferson Valley, New York

CERAMIC BRACES – A TYPE OF BRACES OFFERED BY DR. RICHARD SCHECHTMAN, ONE OF NEW YORK’S (NY) TOP RATED ORTHODONTIST LOCATED IN JEFFERSON VALLEY, NY & Purchase, NY A common alternative to metal braces is ceramic braces. In severe cases, Dr. Richard Schechtman will recommend using metal braces instead of ceramic braces because of issues with […]

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