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Frequently Asked Questions About Braces For Kids Like YOU

How long will I have braces?

Braces For Kids

Braces For Kids

Length of orthodontic treatment can vary from case to case. Typically you can expect to have your braces on for 1-2 years. If you want to have your braces on for less time – be sure to ask your parents about SureSmile! After your orthodontic treatment you can expect to use a retainer on a personally-designed schedule to keep your best smile.

I heard there are things I can’t eat with my braces.

Are Braces PainfulThe style and brand of braces you get will determine which foods you can’t eat. Hard and sticky foods are to be avoided because they can break braces.  Don’t stop eating your fruits and veggies! Just prepare them differently:  Apples and carrots need to be cut into wedges or strips. However, there are some types of braces that don’t limit your diet at all!

Will braces be painful?

While you won’t usually experience any pain during appointments in our Jefferson Valley or Purchase, NY orthodontics office, there will be a period of discomfort after adjustments, typically for only 4 to 5 days. We do have treatments and care to keep discomfort to a minimum. Watch some of our video testimonials from patients as they describe their experience.

Will I like my new smile after braces?

Dr. Schechtman has discovered that a lot of local “Best Smile In Class” recipients have been his patients! He is confident that your journey to your best smile will be a successful one.


At Schechtman Orthodontics of Jefferson Valley and Purchase, NY, we want to ensure you are confident with your decision for not only your choice in orthodontic treatment, but also for the orthodontics office in New York you choose to start your or your child's orthodontics. To ensure you are completely confident in your decision, we offer a few no-obligation, no-pressure ways to get started!

  1. Find out what the most important aspects are in choosing the right orthodontist in Jefferson Valley and Purchase, NY for you or your child by reading our free report, "The Top 10 Things To Know Before Choosing Your Orthodontist."
  2. Take this assessment to see if Dr. Schechtman is the right orthodontist for you or your family!
  3. Click here to fill out the form to receive your complimentary Schechtman Smile Analysis, a $250 value!
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